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AKA Ralph J. Martin

Brass Dragons (aka Ralph J. Martin) is a Saxophonist, Flutist,  Composer,  and an Arranger performing and recording Funk, Soul, R&B, Fusion and Jazz Instrumentals. He is a New England native and lives in Connecticut. Living between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA he gets the best of both cities. As a musician composing, arranging, directing, performing and recording music he plays Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, some guitar, piano, and percussion. A Berklee College of Music, of Boston, MA alumnus, he has worked as a musician and teacher for more then 40+ years. Currently, Ralph is a music director, performer, composer and arranger in local bands and as time allows also records with friends and does his own solo composing, arranging and recording.